Slide though the asphalt and improve your times.

Our karts

From Sodi Kart Company, world brand in karts manufacturer, and equipped with Honda engines, Karting Valencia has more than 30 karts for all ages.

Junior Kart

Age between 7 and 13 years old. Minimum height of 135 cm. This karts LR5 has been made for the youngest to get the best and safest experience, driving a go kart. The steering wheel, pedals, and seat can be set for any driver. Easy to drive with the latest security system generation.

Kart RT8

Minimum age: 14 years old. This RT8 Sodi Kart has a 270cc engine. Pedals and seat can be set for any driver, with seatbelt and anti-roll bar. With this kart, you will get the best times.

Two Seat Kart

For an infant between 3 and 6 years old and an adult. For those drivers who can’t enjoy the experience of the junior kart, they will in our two-seat kart. The adult drives the kart, and the kid will be next to him with a simulated steering wheel. ¡¡Two drivers, twice the fun!!

Our Track

Indoor track with more than 550 meters, equipped with lap time BMI system, videowalls, safety remote control of the karts, perimeter system anti-impacts, with experienced personnel highly qualified who guarantees a unique and fun experience.

Indoor Track

1. LAP START: Try to enter the uphill with all the speed as you can going next to the outside wall.

2. BRIDGE CHICANE: Stay/keep on left side to take all straight the chicane.

3. DOWNHILL: Don’t lose any carry speed plus gravity into outside. Don’t lose the apex.

4. OPEN TURN: Keep on the line in the inner apex as many time as you can.

5. Full throttle now. It’s time to improve the gap with the other drivers.

6. Into the longest straight of the track, check your times on the lap timer screen.

7. FINISH LINE: Finish your lap as fast as you can.

Compete, eat, and shop at Parque Ademuz.

Get a full tour of the shopping mall with all the restaurants, stores, leisure, and enjoy. More than 2,000 parking spaces.

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Kart Junior

  • asiento
  • Sistema anti acelerador:freno
  • Proline
  • Pedales
  • Barra antivuelco

Kart RT8